Sunday, February 26, 2012

Illustrator Course Assignments

I am playing catch up BIG time for my Illustrator course and I have still got a heap of assignments to go. I'm sure I will get through them, I just have to stop getting lost in being creative and just get through each lesson. I guess I can go back and work on the projects when I have more time. 
Anyway, here are the results so far. Lesson 5 was my fave so far and I am pretty happy with the progress. 

Lesson 3 
Illustrator Course Assignment 3

Lesson 4
Illustrator Assignment 4 - Flowerpower

Lesson 5
Illustrator Assignment 5 - Flying Bird


soph said...

Ahhhh les... How much do I wish we were closer... This looks great! I have it on my school laptop no idea how it works at all... Wish we could play together....

Leslie said...

I knooooow! We could have such fun, Illustrator is worth learning though, so many possibilities. It's fab.