Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gifted Magazine - Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Yep, I am singing the praises of Creature Comforts again! Gifted Magazine- Holiday Gift Guide 2011 is out and bursting full of great Christmas gifts and ideas. I think most of these wonderful gifts are from US websites but with the US$ still sitting well in Australia at least it is doable and there is plenty of time to get some of these little goodies shipped before Christmas. So, get in a comfy chair and sneak a yummy treat and sit down to soak up all the fantastic products. Just don't break the bank balance ;-)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Side By Side Weeks 109-110

Week 110 - Hailstorm
Side By Side Week 110 - Hail storm
The weather has been crazy in Melbourne over the last few days...sunny then rain..sunny then rain! Tropical almost, which sucks cause my hair gets it's frizz on but its awesome because we get heaps of thunder and lightning storms. YAY. These gigantic hailstones were falling from the skies, awesome. 

Week 109 - Letterpress
Side By Side Week 109 - Letterpress
We had a sad week as we had to say goodbye to our little dog Zak after 18 years (I have only been around for 8 of them) so to take my mind of it I immersed myself in creative projects my first being setting some metal type and trying out my Letter press machine. Super exciting  - it worked too. Some results to follow soon. 

Check out my photos Side by Side with my buddy Ross at the side by side blog

Design Files Open House

Photo: The Design Files

I am beyond excited about this. A few weeks ago Lucy over at one of my fave blogs The Design Files announced a very cool upcoming event - The Design Files Open House.
Today all the details (except for the address) have been unleashed to the design loving masses. Building on the current trend of Pop Up shops and events, but taking it a step further. For four days (1st -4th Dec), a beautiful home in Fitzroy, Melbourne will be transformed into a showroom of sorts, displaying a gorgeous array of Australian made and designed products. Each room will be filled with fabulous furniture, artworks and all sorts of homewares. Now here is the good bit, everything, yes everything in the house will be for sale over the four days. Some you will be able to take home on the day, and other larger items like furniture will be delivered at a later time.  There will even be the new Mini Coupe on display for everyone to get a sneak peak of the new design in the garage. Amazing!

Check out the dedicated website for the event here at The Design Files Open House website. You can also download a store directory here and peruse the wonderful products which will be on show. 

My diary is marked and I can't wait to walk around and pretend I can afford everything...see you all there!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Amazing art.

I spent my lazy Saturday indulging in one of my favourite passtimes, blog reading! I have a special bookmark folder of my favourites and Creature Comforts is right at the top. I just love everything that Ez does over there and I must confess I am almost a little obsessed with checking for new posts. One day I would love to have a blog half as great as what she has. Anyway, I will leave the fan love for another day.

Whilst checking out her latest posts I saw this and just had to share it (it's a one time story steal I promise)! It's the wonderful work of Chan Hwee Chong...who has created amazing pieces of art by working in a spiral motion and applying varying pressure to the Faber Castell pens used to create these unbelievably amazing images.
Check out the video below of Chan Hwee Chong in action. Awe inspiring don't you think?

Some more of his work can be seen below and here. Now go get your pens out people!