Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Wishlist

I have been thinking of creating a regular feature here for a while . After a bit of thought I decided that I might write a little about the things I like and have on my wishlist to buy or at least dream of one day owning. I seem to bookmark more and more wonderful products every day whether from the newspaper, magazines and all the wonderful blogs and sites online.

This weeks wishlist has a few odds and ends that I have my eye on...
1. Hilary Grant - Mountain Cushions
These are just brilliant, I HAVE to have these. Not only because they are made from 100% pure Lambswool in my home country Scotland, but they appeal to my snowy/mountain love and therefore tick all the boxes for me. They will go just perfectly on my Eames eiffel chair in my bedroom!Hilary Grant is an independent knit and textile designer who in addition to creating these wonderful cushions makes scarves and mittens too.

2. Pony Rider - Swiss Alps Cushion
Following on with the mountain theme, I am loving this Swiss Alps cushion by Ponyrider which features a screen printed image of the Matterhorn with a little extra graphic touch to make it pop. I have singled this one out but I could quite easily buy one of everything in their shop. I don't think the bank balance could cope with that though (sadly)!
Pony Rider is a collaboration between Sydney friends Kelly Searl and Jacqui Lewis. Their textiles and soft furnishings are designed in house, and then hand screen printed and sewn in Sydney.

3. Gotye - Making Mirrors
Ok so this is no longer a wishlist item because I just bought it this afternoon (while writing this post), but it I think it should be on everyone else's list. A fantastic album...really brilliant - love the album cover artwork too. Check out the first song from the album below.

Look out for more goodies soon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Little Things!

Little things 2
Life is busy and chaotic most of the time and I am a big believer in the taking time to make a little something or write a little note whenever the opportunity arises. Whatever it is it allows you to step back a bit from the day to day and immerse yourself in something creative or just downright fun even if its for 5mins!
I love to create on paper or with paper and do so whenever I get the chance, even if it's just wrapping a gift. When I received a little gift from friend and (former) work colleague on the day she left to say thanks for the support and just 'because' I was really thrilled. Jane who gave me the gift, presented my wee gift perfectly and I feel took the time and effort to make a small gesture wonderfully thoughtful. Not only was there a great little gift (a clever magnetic photo wire and a lovely scented candle) - perfect for 'Studio 2' - but it was the presentation that really was fab. The painted stripes simple and the colour perfectly picked to go with the blue gum leaves in the wee poesy of flowers she included.
Little Things
Oh and I couldn't resist a little bit of creativity myself in the top photo. I added some of everyone's fave Japanese Masking tape to a humble jam jar. Hey presto cute flowers on display in my room! And so, you see its those little things.......

Side By Side - Week 97

Side By Side - Week 97 - Lovely gift
My job is a dull place these days with the many 'characters' shall we say moving on. I know you are there to work but a bit of fun never hurt anyone.
Anyway, Jane (or Jane-O/Janester as I call her) was my creative outlet in my otherwise dull day. She worked at reception and always happy to have a chat about some new idea or just bounce my artistic ideas off. She left last week and gave me the loveliest little gift to say thanks for supporting her and generally being crazy old me. With my wee pressie she picked a fresh poesy of spring (early) blossom and blue gum leaves. So great...THANK YOU JANE-O!!

Side by Side Catch up time...

Behind real excuse....laziness I guess!

Week 96 - Fruits of my labour.
Side by Side 96 - Fruits of my labour!
Well a couple of weeks ago I posted a pic of my Lemon tree and this week I thought I would post a pic of my efforts using the yummy lemons. So I cheated a little and used a shop bought pastry case, mainly because I didn't have quite the right tin. The rest is all home made! Yummers.

Week 95 - Melbourne Institution

Side By Side Week 95 - Melbourne Institution
Victoria Bitter or VB is quite the institution in Melbourne and of course Victoria! I am not a huge fan myself but I am a fan of this sign which I see when I drive to the city! Normally I am driving and its a very busy road so stopping somewhere to snap it is always hard. However, on a Sunday jaunt with Shane into the city - I managed to think fast and snap this out of the window of the car. Yes the car was moving and I took 1 and only 1 photo. The vintage feel was all natural too just a grey dull day = this pic and I love it.

Week 94 - You know the score!
Side By Side Week 94 - You know the score!
Last week was EXCITING - for me anyway! I went to watch my football team Celtic who had come all the way from Scotland to play Melbourne's 'soccer' team The Victory! My wonderful team won 1-0...phew I am glad because I was talking them up BIG time! ;-) I took a heap of photos but I really liked this which shows a bit of the awesome AAMI stadium, the crowd and you can just see the rain in the top right corner! Yeah the rain...that was a shame!

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