Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A softie at heart!

I finished my first softie the other day and I am pretty happy with it. I used it as a bit of a project to get myself sewing with my machine and by hand. It was great and very therapeutic. The cute great pattern was courtesy of the wonderful Revoluzza. There is such a great community of bloggers and crafters out there who are willing to share wonderful ideas and tutorials to help the less experienced i.e. me! So thanks to all of them - although not likely that any will be reading this!
Check out the little monster below...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Newly Framed Prints

First is a gift from my friend Ross...a wonderful print from his artist friend Gregory Ferrand . The second was a gift from my brother and its a print of the University of Glasgow in amoungst the skyline, by the well known printmaker Harry Magee. Its particularly special, I spent 4 wonderful years at Glasgow University.

Left to Right: 1. My Daddy is Somebody - Gregory Ferrand 2. Landmark - Harry Magee

Friday Night Project

I have been coveting some wonderful Lotta Jansdotter fabric that I bought AGES ago and it all just seemed too pretty to start cutting and sewing. Well I saw the light, why buy wonderful things and keep them hidden away in a drawer. Whilst sewing trousers and patching some other clothes for Shane, I was getting annoyed with having to dig around in the pin box and therefore I decided I will make...a pincushion.

Ok so I know, not very adventurous but you have to start small and work up.I'm happy with how it turned out...oh and the Lotta fabric looks great. Now...what can I make next?