Friday, September 16, 2011

Side by Side Week 102 - Chocolicious

Side By Side Week 102 - Chocolicious
I made Molten Chocolate Puddings on the weekend - Yummers! This is typical of me, but the remaining chocolate that I didn't use has sat in the packet for the last few days and I don't have any inclination to eat it. Its a family joke that I could sit with an open packet of chocolate and not eat it - much to the dismay of my Mum and Bro. I look at it as one of my key skills in life, cause I reckon I would be a few kgs heavier if I didn't have it! :-)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Wishlist - Prints

I have quite a bit of wall space in my house and much of it is just crying out for some colourful art to brighten up my neutral d├ęcor and add a bit more interest to some of the rooms. 

I plan to frame some of my own photos and to make some prints of my own but here are a few odds and ends that have caught my over the last couple of weeks. 

The first is City In Pink by Inaluxe

The next is a handmade silkscreen poster for a Feist concert in 2008 by Vahalla Studios posted on the Poster Cabaret website (where there are a whole heap of other awesome prints by other artists and design studios.)

I LOVE Melbourne artist Ghostpatrol and can only dream of owning one of his original pieces. Recently though, he collaborated with another of my faves Panelpop  (a wonderful company who have come up with an innovative framed art surface which you can draw directly onto or have photos printed etc). This is his Fox Shadow illustration now I just need $180 to buy this little gem.
Last but not least is a 2012 Mountain Calendar by Palmostracco on Etsy.
It's a wonderful mountainscape (Did I just made up a new word?) and dates follow the mountain contours. So cool.

Hopefully a couple of these little beauties will be on their way to a new home - my home - soon.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Side By Side Week 101 - Spring has Sprung

Week 101
Side By Side Week 101 - Spring has sprung.
The weather has been fantastic and it looks like Winter has gone and Spring is here. We have a big old fig tree in our back garden and the leaves and little figs are already popping out all over the tree. (oh and a little overlay action - Prismatic Paper 2 overlay from )

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Side By Side Week 98- 100!!

 Week 100 - X marks the spot!
Side by Side Week 100 - X marks spot
X marks 100!! Wow we have been doing this for 100 weeks! That sounds nuts! This is a random metal 'thing' Shane found and thought I might like to paint it or something and turn into a door stop or the like. I do very much like it's industrial look and after a bit of filing and grinding (by Shane) it's had its first coat of white paint and is already looking better. A paper weight perhaps?
 Week 99 - From the Shadows
 Side By Side Week 99 - From the Shadows
We headed up to the snow this past weekend for some snowboarding! Its much like spring here which is WAY too early and it looks like the snow wont hang around this year sad :-(  Still we had a great time with what is there and enjoyed the sunshine! Ooh and I got a new snowboard which was all kinds of awesome!! 

Week 98 - A snails pace
Side By Side Week 98 - A Snail's Pace
I am kinda fascinated by snails in that they appear from dark damp places when the rain appears and slide around the back garden and then disappear again. Crazy crawlies!
Check out my photos Side by Side with my buddy Ross at the side by side blog....Happy 100th photo and yay to us for keeping at this for so long!