Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Story of the Letterpress.

I have resisted writing about this up until now, because quite honestly I did not want to make my blog a winge fest. I had hoped this weekend I would be writing about my new Adana 8 x 5 press which was going to be the start of my Letterpress adventure. I am writing about my new Adana, except it's more a nightmare than an adventure.

After missing out on several presses on Ebay, I ordered a refurbished Adana 8x5 last Sept from someone in the UK. Then the shenanigans began. I was supposed to get the press within a month and this did not happen, a catalogue of excuses ensued and promises of the press being sent etc etc. After an ultimatum at my end the press started to make its way from the UK to Australia.

A week of obsessive FedEx tracking later, it arrived on my doorstep! I rushed home last night from work, excited to see the press that I have been patiently waiting for. I moved it to its new home and was a little concerned that the box seemed a little worse for wear. I opened it and removed the poorly wrapped press to find that it had been badly damaged and it doesn't function as it should. In fact it does not function at all.

This is what my press should look like, the one shown below is a presses one of my fave letterpress bloggers, Small Caps .

Adana 8 x 5 Press - Photo from small caps

A couple of photos below show that this is what mine is like at the moment, the right side has been pushed in as you can see and it now does not move up and down because its hitting the section where the plate or type would be. The rollers etc are not installed but you can see on the left side they way it should be. Unfortunately the damaged part is cast metal and not so easy to bend back into shape. The supplier is going to check what he has as spare parts but not sure what's going to happen there.

The photo above shows the rod which attaches to the rollers has also been bent. A little easier to fix.

So for now I have to wait to see what FedEx will do regarding the damage, and hope that I can replace the damaged parts.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

One for the Scots!

I have been meaning to write about this for a while now - in fact definitely for the last 6months or so if not longer. What am I on about - Gillian Kyle that's what or should I say who! Gillian is a textile design graduate from Glasgow School of Art, who over dinner one night came up saluting some of Scotland's most iconic food and drink products. She launched her business in 2009 and appears to be going from strength to strength.
So my Scottish friends...I have got you thinking haven't I! Iconic foods from Scotland......Irn Bru perhaps, or maybe a Scotch Pie....what about the retro treat that is Creamola Foam - remember that people? Well she has thought of all of these and more and she has put together a fab range of products from aprons, mugs, bags all host to some images of all of these and more.

My brother Anson, sent me a bag year or so ago and that is what sparked my interest, so much so I requested a Tunnocks Teacake apron (that's it below) for the Christmas just passed. Creamola foam mugs are next ;-)

For all you expats or just those who love yourself a teacake..check out her site and online shop at

Autumn Sky - Week 75 Side By Side

So summer has officially called time here in Australia - although warm days are still hanging in there. With Autumn weather comes awesome skies and after a failed attempt at photographing the 20+ dragonflies flying around the back garden (its freaky they are everywhere at the moment!), I spotted the wonderful clouds reflected in a window of my house. I did a little extra tweaking with some overlay action (Ink & Tea stained papers #5 - if you are interested) from Lost & Taken.

Side by Side Week 75 - Autumn Sky

A Sea of Bikes - Week 74 of Side by Side project

Side by Side Week 74 - A sea of bikes

It was an early 5.30am wake up to go and support Shane do his 4th triathlon for the season. It was a very rainy morning and my camera had a few issues - so this is the best from the morning. The sea of bikes was impressive and they are.

Lego fun - Side by Side week 73

This is part of a little Lego themed project I have been working on...! I had the best time decorating and colouring the icing to just the right Lego tones! Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Side By Side - Week 73  Lego Cupcakes