Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Side By Side Week 131 - Side By Side With Ross

Side By Side Week 131 - Side By Side With Ross
Finally after nearly 2.5yrs of my side by side project with Ross. We were finally Side by Side in NYC! This little photo strip was near the end of a rather large night out drinking cocktails and laughing a lot! Miss ya Jeff!

I don't usually post up the joined photo but this is an extra special one for you all to have a laugh at. We thought it was only right to have the same photo - side by side!! 

Week 131
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Side By Side Week 130 - I need a dollar $$$$!

Side By Side Week 130 - I need a dollar
Preppin for NYC! Gots me some $$$$ all ready for some shopping! Yeeha!

Side By Side Week 129 - Cosy Power Cut Candles

Side By Side Week 129- cosy power cut candles
Whilst settling in for a night on the sofa with a beverage and some crappy TV - the brewing storm hit and a lightning strike took out all the power! Just as well I like candles and have them everywhere! Very useful at times like this! 

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Catching up

 Wow so as I already mentioned I am going through a bit of a change in routine, having returned from my trip home (more on that soon) I have launched back into life in Melbourne with a bang.  I am half way into week 2 of my new job - the very uncreative world of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance! As a result of jet lag, new job and general adjustment, Little Letters has gone by the wayside AGAIN!! Thankfully, things are back to normal and I am getting used to my new working hours which in the long run will be giving me more time to spend in my little studio!