Thursday, November 25, 2010

Side By Side Project - Week 60

I have been ill this last week or so and have had little energy for photography, or in fact anything! So this one is a slice of life really...with a tweak here and there to add a bit of interest. I used a texture overlay from Lost and Taken an awesome site with loads of free texture downloads...

Side by Side week 60 - A Slice of Life

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Handmade Travel Diary for Elise

My friend Elise headed off a few weeks ago to live in Hong Kong for a few months with her boyfriend, who is working there for a year or two. I wanted to give her a gift to use for her wonderful adventure so I decided to make her a travel diary.

I have made a few customised travel diaries in the past, as gifts for my family and for myself. See the diary I made for my brother a couple of years ago here. I use Moleskine diaries and print destination appropriate airport codes from baggage labels I have collected on the front. From there I add in extra little envelopes and labels etc throughout which can be used for keeping tickets or odds and ends found along the way.
Normally I print the using my Gocco printer but I ran out of time for this one
and printed on some thick tracing paper to add a transparent feel to it and a some Japanese tape...and some extra bits and pieces and it was done.
I mailed it to her and she got it just in time (the day before!!!), and loved it. ;-)

Side By Side - Week 59

My half of side by side last week (late I know) early morning shot of Melbourne from the beachy suburb of Brighton

Side By Side Week 59 - City by the Sea

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Killing two birds with one stone

Here on Little Letters I like to write about paper, crafts, photography and anything art related...BUT my other BIG passion in life is Snowboarding.

Shaun White
I photographed the genius Shaun White
in action at the Winter Games last year in New Zealand.

I choose not to ramble about my snowy obsession here, I focus those thoughts elsewhere on women's snowboarding website I have been involved with the site since the early days, almost right from the start when I wrote about my first (and only) full working snow season.
Anyway I digress, I have found a way to intertwine my snowboarding side with my artistic interests. I have started a series of stories on the artists and designers behind snowboard graphics and clothing design etc.
My first in the series is with the wonderful Amy Ruppel I think I may have first seen her work on Design*Sponge and headed to her site to see that she had actually done some design work for a couple of snowboard companies.

Burton Lux 08
Amy's graphics for Burton Snowboards Lux Snowboard

Amy agreed to answer some of my questions and here is my article Artist Behind the Graphics Series
for Powderroom.

Side By Side Photo Project Week 58

My half of side by side this week...New Shoes. I am so in love with these...

Side By Side Week 58 - New Shoes!!

I have been looking for these
Jack Purcell Converse shoes for a while...and I found them in an outlet store this weekend for only $48...down from $139! Who doesn't love a bargain.

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Side By Side Week 57

A little late....but my side of my photo project with my friend Ross.

Side By Side Week 57 - Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes - Sadly, I wasn't dressing up for anything this year for Halloween but feeling like I needed to get into a spooky spirit I made some halloween themed cupcakes for some friends that came over.

Our photos side by side....fab autumn colours I thought. Ross captured the
Angel of the Waters at the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park just right.
Week 57

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Side By Side - Week 56

My side of photo project with my friend Ross..
Side By Side Week 56 - Suburban Silhouettes
Suburban Silhouettes - A view from my balcony across the's the time of year in Melbourne for awesome sunsets.

Both our photos side by side...awesome Halloween decorations on Brooklyn brownstone steps from Ross.

Week 56

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