Thursday, November 25, 2010

Handmade Travel Diary for Elise

My friend Elise headed off a few weeks ago to live in Hong Kong for a few months with her boyfriend, who is working there for a year or two. I wanted to give her a gift to use for her wonderful adventure so I decided to make her a travel diary.

I have made a few customised travel diaries in the past, as gifts for my family and for myself. See the diary I made for my brother a couple of years ago here. I use Moleskine diaries and print destination appropriate airport codes from baggage labels I have collected on the front. From there I add in extra little envelopes and labels etc throughout which can be used for keeping tickets or odds and ends found along the way.
Normally I print the using my Gocco printer but I ran out of time for this one
and printed on some thick tracing paper to add a transparent feel to it and a some Japanese tape...and some extra bits and pieces and it was done.
I mailed it to her and she got it just in time (the day before!!!), and loved it. ;-)

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