Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Wishlist - Prints

I have quite a bit of wall space in my house and much of it is just crying out for some colourful art to brighten up my neutral décor and add a bit more interest to some of the rooms. 

I plan to frame some of my own photos and to make some prints of my own but here are a few odds and ends that have caught my over the last couple of weeks. 

The first is City In Pink by Inaluxe

The next is a handmade silkscreen poster for a Feist concert in 2008 by Vahalla Studios posted on the Poster Cabaret website (where there are a whole heap of other awesome prints by other artists and design studios.)

I LOVE Melbourne artist Ghostpatrol and can only dream of owning one of his original pieces. Recently though, he collaborated with another of my faves Panelpop  (a wonderful company who have come up with an innovative framed art surface which you can draw directly onto or have photos printed etc). This is his Fox Shadow illustration now I just need $180 to buy this little gem.
Last but not least is a 2012 Mountain Calendar by Palmostracco on Etsy.
It's a wonderful mountainscape (Did I just made up a new word?) and dates follow the mountain contours. So cool.

Hopefully a couple of these little beauties will be on their way to a new home - my home - soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!
Love yours too, i see we're both fans of Inaluxe, that's one of my favourite prints.

Leslie said...

Ha great minds think alike!