Thursday, August 11, 2011

Side by Side Catch up time...

Behind real excuse....laziness I guess!

Week 96 - Fruits of my labour.
Side by Side 96 - Fruits of my labour!
Well a couple of weeks ago I posted a pic of my Lemon tree and this week I thought I would post a pic of my efforts using the yummy lemons. So I cheated a little and used a shop bought pastry case, mainly because I didn't have quite the right tin. The rest is all home made! Yummers.

Week 95 - Melbourne Institution

Side By Side Week 95 - Melbourne Institution
Victoria Bitter or VB is quite the institution in Melbourne and of course Victoria! I am not a huge fan myself but I am a fan of this sign which I see when I drive to the city! Normally I am driving and its a very busy road so stopping somewhere to snap it is always hard. However, on a Sunday jaunt with Shane into the city - I managed to think fast and snap this out of the window of the car. Yes the car was moving and I took 1 and only 1 photo. The vintage feel was all natural too just a grey dull day = this pic and I love it.

Week 94 - You know the score!
Side By Side Week 94 - You know the score!
Last week was EXCITING - for me anyway! I went to watch my football team Celtic who had come all the way from Scotland to play Melbourne's 'soccer' team The Victory! My wonderful team won 1-0...phew I am glad because I was talking them up BIG time! ;-) I took a heap of photos but I really liked this which shows a bit of the awesome AAMI stadium, the crowd and you can just see the rain in the top right corner! Yeah the rain...that was a shame!

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