Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goodbye procrastination...Hello productivity!

I have had a busy couple of days in my little creative haven down in the basement. I have been working on a couple of projects which may or may not come to something, watch this space! I also started a 6 week online Adobe Illustrator course in a bid to improve my self taught skills. I am only at lesson 3 and I am learning heaps already. I already knew the long way around many of the tasks but now I have been learning the shorter more efficient methods for getting there. This will improve productivity I hope, as more often than not I have a great idea just not quite sure how to do it. Which is when procrastination steps in and I end up giving up half way through and never going back to said idea! Just think of all those things I can revisit with my new found skills. 

My fun mini shot is my assignment for the first lesson using Live Trace and Paint features. Basic stuff but good practice. 

Illustrator Class -  Lesson 1

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