Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Exciting changes and fun plans.

Early morning in Melbourne!
Early morning in Melbourne taken by Shane from his truck! (I'd be in trouble if I didn't give him credit for the photo).
Oh my...I have been neglecting my little blog! So what is the reason for this unintended hiatus...! Well in a nut shell quitting old job, interviewing, organising new job and most importantly and most exciting planning and booking a trip back home for a bit of family and friend time.
It has been a CRAZY few weeks of paperwork, new visa paperwork and phone calls and general chaos. Now I am back in the swing of things and starting to get things organised for my trip. I am primarily heading back for a wee recharge of Scotland but I am also making a short stop to NYC baby!
I have been to New York many times, in fact six times at last count but I think it has been 9 or so years since I last took a bite out of that Big Apple.Aside from obvious shopping, eating and photo taking I am the most excited to see my great friend Ross ( my Side By Side buddy) for a few days. Much like NY it is indeed some time since I last saw him and I can't wait to catch up with him in his Brooklyn hood! 
I will most likely be spending a rather a long time in airports and on planes. I am thinking this will be a perfect time to write a few posts, and work on some ideas I have had for the blog. 

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Carmen said...

Oh good luck with your new job!

And how exciting about the trip! I'm planning to go to NY next year, it will be my first time, so you'll have to give me tips and pointers as to where to go :)