Monday, January 2, 2012

A Little Letter for Little Letters.

One of my lovely Christmas gifts from my Mum was a very cute and very apt necklace from the fantastic Victoria Mason. I spotted this a while ago, I think at the Melbourne Finders Keepers market in Melbourne last year. I added it to my Christmas wishlist (essentially my grown up Santa List) and my wish came true! I was thrilled to open up the tiny little package and find a piece of tiny jewellery sculpture perfection. So cute, there is even a stamp on the other side of the pendant. Love it. Thank you Mum!

My Mum also mentioned that Victoria was great and her communication made it super easy for her to buy from the UK and get it sent to me here in Oz. She even popped in a little hand written note to say who it was from. I mention this, because we had a not so happy experience with another Melbourne jeweller who will remain nameless last year. This was the exact opposite, I I hope to buy again soon. So thank you Victoria.
Check out her website here and her blog here.

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