Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lovely Package Exchange

Whilst cruising around the blogosphere - I do a lot of that don't you know! I stumbled upon yet another great little blog called Oh, Hello Friend. Now it seems Danni the author of this awesome looking blog is a big fan of thoughtful, beautiful packaging, as am I. So much so, that I often take more time to either decide on my wrapping of choice or physically wrapping the gift than I do buying it! So when I read that she was running a packaging exchange I jumped right in.

What is a package exchange I hear you ask!  Firstly I had to sign up and answer a couple of 'about me' kinda questions. We were then partnered with another one of the willing participants from the same part of the world - quite the coordination effort on Oh, Hello Friend's part I think! From here the fun part starts. I have to buy a gift and parcel it up and send it to someone I have never met and I will receive a parcel back from my swap partner. The emphasis is on the packaging and it is important to put in some thought and effort into the package. 

My swap buddy Carmen, is an Illustrator and Designer based in Sydney. She writes and illustrates about things in her day to day life including her funny cat Miso on her blog Forgotten Fancies. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing what we manage to come up with. It reminds me of writing to penpals when I was a kid. Just a bit of festive fun people! 

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