Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Side By Side - Weeks 76 - 80

It's side by side catch up time here we go. Remember you can see our photos side by side at the Side By Side

Week 76 - Old Man Zak
Side By Side Week 76 - Old Man Zak.
We got some sad news about our 17year old dog Zak the other day and we don't expect him to be around for too much longer. The vet found a tumour in his abdomen, for now he is all good and eating and jumping around like a fool when its time for a walk. It is to be expected I guess at his age. We are enjoying our time with him and spoiling him rotten for the time being. This week is dedicated to the old boy :-)

Week 77 - Thinking of Japan
Side By Side Week 77 - Thinking of Japan
I bought this Tokyo cut out postcard this time last year when I visited Japan, and I have been thinking a lot about the place. I really did fall in love with the country and the people and I feel so bad for those who lost their lives and/or homes. Anyway, I googled the Japanese flag and held the postcard up to the screen...ta da...this weeks pic.

Week 78 - Finders Keepers Market
Side By Side Week 78 - Finders Keepers Market

I headed to the wonderful Finders Keepers craft market or should I say Indie craft market. A large shed or warehouse in Melbourne's Docklands crammed full of creative goodness. Needless to say I found and kept plenty of good stuff. Sadly not one of these retro lamps...they are super cool though.

Week 79 - The Beautiful Mundane
Side By Side Week 79 - The Beautiful Mundane

I had planned to shoot some photos in the city this weekend passed...alas housework and the like took over and I didn't quite make it. A good housework day is worth the effort, clean bed sheets rock!! You can also see a hint of my refurbished 60s bedside tables in the shot.

Week 80 - Can you see the man on the Moon?
Side By Side Week 80 - Can you see the man on the moon?

There has been a beautiful crescent moon here for the last week or so and I set up the tripod and shot some pics out the back door of our house. It was a tough choice this week but the simple moon with a couple of stars won.

Until next time.

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