Monday, January 24, 2011

Its been a while....

I had great plans to go all out and blog my little socks off over my LOOONNG Christmas break (a whole fat month off work). Instead I decided to step away from the computer a little and get out, take photos and generally give my brain and mainly my eyes a break - yep some new glasses are on the way ;-(
Anyway, I am back and full of blog ideas, however I will start with a Side By Side catch up. I have a whole 8 weeks to catch up on so here we go....

Week 61 - Hello Possum
Side By Side Week 61 - Hello Possums!
Well this little man was curled up on the ground in our back garden. They are nocturnal so I think it was just curling up and trying to go to sleep after falling from a tree.
We saved it and put it back up in the scampered off to go back to sleep. Yay for us....we have some good karma today.

Week 62 - Retro Sunday
Side By Side - Week 62 - Retro Sunday
I was down at the Mordialloc beach on Sunday and this car was in the car park...wonderfully retro.

Week 63 - Candy Canes and Christmas Lights
Side By Side Week 63 - Candy Canes and Christmas Lights
Super late in posting this but I did take it last week. I love sugar canes for some reason - really festive I guess. So you can't beat a bit of Candy cane and bokeh action to capture the festive season.

Week 64 - A Time For Reflection
Side By Side Week 64 - A time for reflection!
Well I'm super late this week....sadly I have been doing boring stuff like painting and that is why I took so long. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to include a photo of me (and my cat - can you see her?) for a change with a festive spin! Here it is my bauble reflection.

Week 65 - Boozalicious
Side By Side Week 65 - Boozalicious
Well this small collection of alcoholic beverages and related items sums up the last week or so. Festive cheer aplenty!

Week 66 - Last Sunrise of 2010
Side By Side Week 66 - Last Sunrise of 2010
We headed to the mountains after Christmas for the first time in summer and were lucky enough to stay up on the mountain for a couple of nights. By chance, I woke up needing a glass of water and got up to see a beautiful subdued sunrise. The last for the year.

Week 67 - Summer Holidays
Side By Side  Week 67 - Summer Holidays
What a hard life, I spent last weekend relaxing down at the beach. This is me taking a break from reading the paper to look out at the beach from the deck of the boat shed where I sat.

Week 68 - Cabin Fever
Side By Side Week 68 - Cabin Fever
This photo kinda sums up the week for me and the pets last week. It rained and rained Although safe from the floods...the last week of my holidays were mostly spent cooped up at home and watching for a break in the rain to get outside and do something in the fresh air. My cat took up residence at the front door...staring at the deck in a trance like state hoping for the same break in the weather. This is Missy...waiting it out! She celebrated the end of the rain by sleeping outside all day in the back garden. ;-)

You can see all our side by side shots here at the Side By Side blog


Unknown said...

Nice pics Leslie!
I do like the candy cane one. :0)

Lucie said...

I love this project - such a diverse range of pictures - all of them beautiful!

Leslie said...

Thanks Ladies....!