Saturday, October 23, 2010

This little piggie went to market.....part 1!

Over the last few weeks Melbourne has been the host to a couple of awesome craft markets and I did a good job of contributing plenty of $$$$ to the crafty community in this time!
The first of my two recent market outings was the inaugural Finders Keeper Melbourne market Melbourne at Shed 4, Docklands. I was kinda intrigued about the location at first but it turned out to be a fab spot and with the sun shining plenty of market goers had made their way down to see what was on offer. As we walked down we passed the wonderful Beatbox Kitchen and were greeted by some great live music as we entered the 'shed'!

Well to say that we were excited...a host of creative goodness when we laid eyes on what was before us. Watch out wallet here I come.
My purchases from the day included some calendar tea towels from Tinker by Print Ink Studio such a great christmas gift I thought.

Wonderfully cute Reusable cupcake cases from The Cupcake Wrapper Co. I bought some Christmas ones this time around but I think I might be buying some others for other occasions online soon.

Also along the Christmas theme, I picked up some very beautiful letterpress tags made be Bespoke Letterpress Boutique from Brisbane. I am so in love with letterpress and actually have my own letterpress on the way to me as I type from the UK so I wrote off this purchase as being research...can I get away with that do you reckon??

Last but not least for the day was a beautiful ring from contemporary jeweller Kylie Gartside's Bent and Twisted collection..I was in love with this the minute I saw it and Kylie herself persuaded me with a drop in the listed price and the suggestion that I could wear it as a pendant too...multifunctional jewellery. I like it.

I picked up a heap of cards on my way around for reference later as my wallet was screaming by this stage - the wonder of online stores means I can visit at my leisure at a later date. I will be writing about these individually soon.

All in all a fantastic market by the Finders Keepers great to see such a fantastic array of wonderful crafty day I might even make it there if I manage to actually get one of my ideas off the ground. Can't wait till the next one.
Check out The Finders Keepers Melbourne Wrap Up post on the website..and for further details of markets in Brisbane and Sydney.


Lucie said...

Gorgeous! How did you manage to get hold of a letterpress in the UK, dare I ask? I've had major crafting envy ever since Lorene got hers!

Leslie said...

Thanks. Some guy refurbishes them and resells them on Ebay. They are actually relatively easy to find in the UK. Its Oz that is the nightmare. Its an Adana 8x5 cost me heaps but I can't wait...hanging out to get it. I will no doubt be posting up my attempts as soon as I get going.