Friday, October 22, 2010

Side by Side Project - Week 55

Week 55

L - On Your Bike - I was in the city this weekend supporting Shane who was doing a 100km cycle from the tip of the bay peninsula to the city. The weather was not on their side but the clouds did part in the afternoon when they crossed the line. These bikes are actually a new tourist initiative in the city, I think you put some money in the meter and off you go. They are not so popular mainly as helmets are compulsory in Oz but they have no way of supplying them with the bike.

R - Office Daydream - So this is the view from my office window, the photo doesn't really do it justice though. Where I work is really industrial with lots of factories and warehouses, but in the distance you can see all the sights of manhattan, it's really quite the view!

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