Sunday, February 26, 2012

Side By Side Week 125 - Melbourne Underground

 Side By Side Week 125 - Melbourne Underground
This photo is a snippet from perhaps the best thing I have had the pleasure of seeing this year. Yep, you read that correctly! I visited one of the coolest spaces in Melbourne this weekend, Melbourne Project Underground. A very normal office building sits above this artistic treat, over 60 graffiti artists both local and international were asked to come and get creative with their spray cans in the building owner's 3 story basement car park. All I can say is that it's both inspired and amazing. I am a HUGE graffiti art fan so this was heaven for me. I had high expectations and I was not disappointed. This is one of my faves of the day. Amazing.


Carmen said...

What a great photo, looks so surreal.

Leslie said...

Yes, it was almost a bit creepy, as up on the next level she appeared again standing up. No face so kinda spooky. Awesome nonetheless.