Monday, February 6, 2012

The SuperCool and South Melbourne!

I kinda failed to complete even half of my to do list this weekend! Mmmh must try harder! I did manage to organise myself for a trip to my new favourite place, South Melbourne. It took me a while to discover this little pocket of loveliness, despite it's reasonably close proximity to where I live. It is ok, I am making up for lost time and have been there 3 times in the last few weeks. What can I say, I can't stay away from the yummy food market, awesome coffee spots and great little shops and general 'vibe' that the area has. 

I did have a purpose this weekend and nooooo it was not to buy macarons (although I may have picked up some little beauties when there)! I had a little something on hold at Southwood Trading  a great homewares store, which appeals heavily to my taste!  I had been waiting on my little treat for a couple of weeks and got the call that my geometric print flower mat by Bonnie and Neil was in. So exciting! Aren't they fab...

How about the super crazy green pom pom type flowers....they are Dianthus 
apparently. They are brilliant and cheap! 

As I stepped out of Southwood Trading, Chez Dre's sign was beckoned me in..."come in and buy some yummy treats" it was calling! Before I knew it I was staring at Macarons and oops...half a dozen perfectly formed beauties left with me. 

Let me tell you they are perfection, nice crust on the outside and gooey in the middle. With flavours such as blackcurrant, raspberry, choc-orange and even a Basil and Lime which I haven't tried yet.  The have a range of amazing small cakes...some of which have made a trip home with me on a previous visit! 

Whilst walking through the maze of fresh produce at the South Melbourne Market, I stumbled upon the SO:ME Space. SO:ME Space is a "is a unique retail concept in the heart of the South Melbourne Market" which is open during the normal market hours.It's a great modern space, with ply-wood finishes and piled up pallets for displaying goods.  I found the fab new pop up shop TheSuperCool, and they really couldn't have thought up a better name. It's like they set up a 'super cool' shop just for me. They describe themselves as a "mobile emporium that goes to the people with an eclectic mix of everyday objects from around the globe". I spotted some of my favourites from the likes of Pistachio Press, and The Hungry Workshop and plenty of unique odds and ends that would fit in rather nicely at Little Letters HQ! I resisted the temptation to spend up big but I did pick up the most fantastic mini wooden shoe last. So great and serves no purpose other than looking super cute on my shelf. Yay for random cuteness.

 TheSuperCool will be there for the next few weeks until the 4th March so be sure and stop by if you are in the area. Or why not make a special visit!

 I look forward to my next visit which will most likely be the South Melbourne Street Fair on Feb 19th!

UPDATE: The Dianthus green pom pom type flowers are still alive and look the same as they do in the photo. So 10 bonus points from me. Cheap and seemingly everlasting!

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Carmen said...

I love the flower mat, been looking for something similar for ages. And the pom pom flowers, too cute!