Monday, June 13, 2011

Side By Side - Week 81 - 88

Hello there,
Well I am back after a bit of hiatus but I have been SUPER busy I promise. Currently, I have my Mum visiting which is great but busy! Before that I was working on a wee bit of home renovation and that has been taking a LOT of my free time on the weekends. In fact ALL my time on the weekends (that and the usual stuff). I also managed some time away over Easter which was ages ago now - and therefore quite embarrasing that it has taken me so long to update the blog.
However a change is about to take place here at Little Letters and I will be spending a LOT more time focusing. Stay tuned for my new update.

Ok on to Side By Side. Here we go....

Week 88 - Blast From The Past.

Side By Side Week 88 - Blast from the past
I went to a vintage market on the weekend and picked up some odds and ends. I have a collection of wooden rulers on the wall and these are more for the collection. Some vintage sizing tape from France, and some other stuff.

Week 87 - Life on the other side.

Side By Side Week 87 - Life on the other side
My cat Missy does not get out onto the street and has to stay behind the gate in our garden (1 part me being a worried owner and 1 part being the law in my area). She often stares out the the gate dreaming of the other side. So I had the idea of showing her staring out and what is on the other side.

Week 86 - By Candle Light

Side By Side Week 86 - By candle light
Average week for me. Winter is here with both it's damp yuk weather and its usual colds and flu! I have succumbed to a cold and have done nothing much more than stay warm indoors. So this is just a cozy photo from the week. Simple.

Week 85 - Evil Flower

Side By Side Week 85 - Evil flower
This is a phone photo but I had to use it. Its a malformed Gerbera flower...with a mutation where one stem has tried to form two heads (they are a single headed flower). It looks Eeeeeviilllll! I thought this was brilliant.

Week 84 - Forever Temporary

Side By Side Week 84 - Forever Temporary
The ever changing Hosier Lane in Melbourne is one of my favourite places to go. Something new every time you visit from something small to larger works like this one. Brilliant. Sadly, unlike the what it says it won't be forever and will most likely have developed into something completely different the next time I visit. Love it.

Week 83 - Abstract Glow

Side By Side Week 83 - Abstract Glow
I got up early last Saturday and while sitting eating breakfast I saw the wonderful pattern the sun was making as it pushed through the blinds. The colour also just happened all by itself. I like the abstract Bokeh look.....

Week 82 - Sunny Skies and Lazy Days

Side By Side Week 82 - Sunny skies and lazy days!
We had an extra long Easter weekend here with a 5 day weekend. We headed for the hills and explored the mountains up at Falls Creek in Victoria. The cooler climate and mountain air brings the best out of the trees around this area and we saw a lovely array of reds, oranges and yellow. I took a heap of photos but this was my fave of the sun just peaking through the yellow leaves.

Week 81 - Autumnal Art

Side By Side Week 81 - Autumnal Art
I was in the city on the weekend at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and while we were waiting to go into the show we saw people sticking stuff to a wall. Intrigued after the show we went over to the wall and could see that people had been picking up the Autumn leaves and sticking them to the wall. How I hear you say! Well the wall has a very thin flow of water running down it and the leaves were sticking to it without being flushed away. I am not sure if this was some sort of intentional installation or it just happened by chance. You never know in Melbourne.

Update complete for your viewing pleasure - bye for now!!

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