Monday, June 13, 2011

New space, new projects!

My Side by Side post mentioned the fact that I have been SUPER busy lately, and I have been neglecting my wee Little Letters blog as a result! So the reason for my absence is due to a small renovation that Shane( Mr Little Letters) and I have been working on.

Our house is situated on a sloping block of land and as a result, there is almost a basement like area downstairs from the main part of the house. Up until now it was mostly used for storage and a laundry area. A year or so ago the son of the old owner was in the area and stopped by to wish us well and let us know that he thought what we had done a great job with our renovation of his old home. He also told me that one of the basement rooms was actually his old photography darkroom. I was thrilled that this little room had been a creative haven for someone in the past and I decided it should be my creative haven for the future.

With this in mind,we launched into yet more renovations. This one was small compared to other projects we have tackled but time consuming nonetheless (WAY more than I thought). Our house was built in the mid-50's and the colour scheme and finishes are still evident here and there, we even have some crazy psychedelic wallpaper in our laundry that is so old its almost cool! Paint colour scheme is also questionable, lots of pastels, old fittings which don't match regular modern get the idea. Refer to the photos below for a peek at the before.

Note the wonderful use of green lino tiles and they also included that in the bench! Coupled with the peach coloured walls...quite the colour combo. As you can see there is little natural light (bummer really but you take what you can get), so I had to try and brighten the space as much as I could. I also HAD to get rid of the work bench and the shocking floor.

Several weeks later my new creative space is finished. Taa-daaa!

I will be posting some details and more info on my plans soon! Check back soon.


Unknown said...

this is just AWESOME! and so great to know that it was a dark room before. I especially like the little nook by your computer so you can take notes etc. perfect! also, love the chair with the sheepskin!

small caps said...

this looks great! and what a comfortable chair! :)