Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Side by Side Photo Project

This is the introduction to a new weekly photography feature, Side By Side.

My good friend Ross and I embarked on a little photography project nearly year ago to the day, inspired by two photography loving friends The Minty Forest who posted a photo everyday for a year. Its also not dissimilar to the 3191 girls who have brought us A Year Of Mornings where they took a picture every morning for a year, followed a year later by A Year Of Evenings.

Anyway, Ross and I decided we were unlikely to be able to commit to a photo every day (yeah I know we are scared of the challenge - well I am anyway - Ross managed a 365 portrait project last year!)
We decided to post one photo a week for a year and what makes it a little more interesting is we live in different hemispheres, Ross living in Washington D.C. while I was here in Melbourne. We wouldn't confer at all on what were were shooting through the week and the first time we see each others photo is when we post on Flickr at the end of the week. I just posted my week 52 today so I thought I would pick a few of my favourites from the year to share with you. Photos on the left are mine and Ross on the right and there is a description of what/where the photo is under each one.

Week 2
side by side week 2

L - left hand side - I completed my first 5km run this weekend and this sums up my state of mind the last couple of days as I stressed about whether or not I could do it!! Needless to say I did and quite easily!!
R - right hand side - The Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in front of the US Capitol (Artillery section)

Week 3
Week 3 - Side by side Photo Project
L - Ferris wheel at Birrarung Marr, Melbourne
R - Flags outside Union Station

Week 6
Week 6 Side by side photo project
L - Spray Can - As i was taking photos some kid picked up these cans and left them on the bollards along Hoosier Lane, Melbourne as he walked by. The art and the tools!
R - Leaf prints - not your typical fall colours, but these prints on the sidewalk caught my eye on my daily walk to the metro

Week 10
Week 10 Side by Side photo project
L - We put up or Christmas tree this weekend and despite a small drawback when the tree fell down and broke some of my glass baubles, its now finished and looks beautiful!!

R - First snow of the season taken from the comfort of the sofa

Week 22
Week 22 Side by Side Photo Project
L - I see this everyday on my way home from work and I am intrigued....who loves Hannah?? Random...but cute.

R - I took this from the rooftop of my apartment building, it is the intersection of H St NE and 3rd St NE, not really on the tourist route, hence the empty bus. In the top left hand corner, you can see the liquor store I frequent, oh and I did a tilt-shift effect too for that toy model effect.

Week 28
week 28
L - One of many shots taken at the amazing Fushimi-Inari Taisha in Kyoto. The Shrine was dedicated to the gods of rice and sake in the 8th century but since it signifies success in businesses. A pathway lead 4km up the mountain and is lined with these glorious Tori gates most of the way. One of the highlights of my trip.

R - I take my camera out on the weekend mornings when I walk Diego, and snapped this just as we were coming back home. I took a few which were boring, but then took one on this angle and it's much more interesting.

We both have paths in our photos going in the same direction...!!

Week 31
Week 31
L - The best of a bad bunch from my day of capturing water droplets...! The result was about 3 half decent photos and a LOT of water everywhere.

R - This is the view from the rooftop of my building looking east down H St towards downtown DC. You can also see the Washington Monument to the top left of the photo. I've wanted to take this for a while to give it as a gift to a friend so now that I've got a tripod I was finally able to capture it. Not super happy with it but it's a good intro into some long exposures. I'd like a few more cars for light trails, but it just wasn't happening.

Week 45
Side by Side week45
L - Ahh if you can't have powder, freshly groomed corduroy runs on a bluebird day are the next best thing. We had our first weekend at the snow for the season, we picked a good one. The sun shone and snow was crisp...nice.

R - Found this in an alley a few weeks ago whilst walking Diego, think it's been a while since a dog lived there.

You can see all of the photos we took here.

Year 2 starts next week - 04 October 2010!


Ingrid in Bj! said...

Wow Leslie
You have both taken some amazing photographs this year, so interesting to read about them.
I started a 365 group with about 25 friends in February and about half of us post nearly everyday. I love it and know we will carry on when the 365 days are over.
Look forward to seeing where your next year takes you.

Radish said...

I would love to do this. I have the Morning book, but not the evening. A collaboration sounds like a lot of fun.