Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inspiration All Around

As part of the BYW course mentioned in my previous post, we were set a project to create a mood/inspiration board which both defines our style and what we want our blog to focus on.
I have to say I had an absolute blast doing this and really it came very naturally to me which was kinda exciting. I have never done something like this before, I make lots of things and take lots of photos but never really thought of doing this. Anyway, I jumped straight in and it just all fell together I raided my collection of stationery and odds and ends and the colour palette also just kinda happened. I started with my gocco postcard which is a hint toward my developing print venture. I added in some of my photos from my files, some sketches, some of my favourite stationery from Poppies For Grace my Orla Kiely bedspread, a nod to one of my BIGGEST inspirations, Japanese artist Yashitomo Nara and some travel odds and ends. Oooh and my homemade mini bunting!!

BYW Mood Board Project - #144 Explore!!!

I have received several great comments on Flickr
about this photo and it has been really encouraging. It has even helped me make some decisions about what I will be doing with my blog and what sort of thing I plan to cover. More on that soon...watch this space.


Little Paper Trees said...

i saw your mood board yesterday and LOVE it, great color combination...i'm still working on mine - eek!

Leslie said...

Just dive in head first I say....its the best way to do it. Good luck!


What a wonderful moodboard you have made! I need to make mine too :)

Fellow student :)