Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shopper's Delight - Felix

Can you resist a nice shop? I know I can’t. This is indeed what you will find when you step into the unique,boutique and antique world of Felix. Positioned in the centre of Dromana on the Mornington Penisula (50km or so from Melbourne’s CBD), it’s a great spot for some retail therapy after a day at the  beach. You will find an exciting mix of carefully chosen vintage and modern handmade products, which really do set this store apart from others in the area.

If you are rolling your eyes at the term ‘vintage’, which is used oh too often these days for junk that is a few years old. This is not the case at Felix, they really have taken care to “stock only quality, classy, quirky products” and have even given themselves the fun tag of being “boutique recyclers”.

Fabulous finds and modern pieces are carefully compiled into colour related ‘zones’ which makes for easy picking if you are looking for something that will match that mustard yellow couch you have at home. I do believe their great eye and thoughtful display, does indeed make for a 'nice' shopping experience in a 'nice shop!


167 Point Nepean Road
Victoria 3936

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