Thursday, May 3, 2012

New York State of Mind - Part 2

As I mentioned previously I have been lucky enough to visit New York before, I already have a thousand photos of New York skylines, Statue Of Liberty and the like. You really can never have too many shots of the city sights we all know and love.  I couldn't resist a few more which I posted in my previous post - the ones I took when I actually stopped shopping for a moment. I thought for Part 2 I would show some of the less typical things that I saw when I was wandering streets!

Perhaps the best (although still touristy) is the new High Line an elevated park, created on the historic freight line high above the streets Manhattan's West Side.

Cycling dude in the Meatpacking District
I'm thinking this bar/club would be super rad. If the exterior is anything to go by.
Benches at Madison Square Park


Unknown said...

love the bike dude! great shot

Carmen said...

What a cute garden, I love the integration of the railway tracks.

Yeah the bar looks pretty funky, I especially like the poster next to it. x

Leslie said...

Ross...I am mostly enjoying the bike dude shot too. I am gonna print it I think.