Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekday Carnival and Varpunen =Love

I was scrolling through the gorgeous images over at Weekday Carnival - always a joy I can tell you - and I stumbled upon some wonderful shots of her workspace. You can see her fresh, stylish space below and even more photos on her blog.

Workspace images above by Weekday Carnival 

After I stopped drooling over how lovely this compact space was, I zoned in on the wonderful storage bags on the shelves. I am in love with these little beauties, don't you think these are great?

 All images by Varpunen.

They are all the way from Helsinki, Finland and are the mastermind of Suki at Varpunen.  Incidentally, she calls herself on her blog "Varpu's mother" which I thought was funny. They are made from printed PVC-laminated white polyester scrim and I want them all. Prices start at €22 for small and up to €52 for larger ones. They have so many uses, from the bathroom, kitchen or like Weekday Carnival has used them, in the office. I am off to make the difficult decision of which one I will buy.


Carmen said...

What a cute little workspace, I wish I can be as tidy as that. I try to be neat each morning but it always end up in complete messy after 30min or so.

Leslie said...

Its so lovely...I am so envious of how tidy and fresh it looks. Mine is started out well but has spiralled into chaos! Oh well....I can enjoy looking at other peoples spaces..:-)