Thursday, November 10, 2011

Side By Side Weeks 109-110

Week 110 - Hailstorm
Side By Side Week 110 - Hail storm
The weather has been crazy in Melbourne over the last few days...sunny then rain..sunny then rain! Tropical almost, which sucks cause my hair gets it's frizz on but its awesome because we get heaps of thunder and lightning storms. YAY. These gigantic hailstones were falling from the skies, awesome. 

Week 109 - Letterpress
Side By Side Week 109 - Letterpress
We had a sad week as we had to say goodbye to our little dog Zak after 18 years (I have only been around for 8 of them) so to take my mind of it I immersed myself in creative projects my first being setting some metal type and trying out my Letter press machine. Super exciting  - it worked too. Some results to follow soon. 

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