Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Little Things!

Little things 2
Life is busy and chaotic most of the time and I am a big believer in the taking time to make a little something or write a little note whenever the opportunity arises. Whatever it is it allows you to step back a bit from the day to day and immerse yourself in something creative or just downright fun even if its for 5mins!
I love to create on paper or with paper and do so whenever I get the chance, even if it's just wrapping a gift. When I received a little gift from friend and (former) work colleague on the day she left to say thanks for the support and just 'because' I was really thrilled. Jane who gave me the gift, presented my wee gift perfectly and I feel took the time and effort to make a small gesture wonderfully thoughtful. Not only was there a great little gift (a clever magnetic photo wire and a lovely scented candle) - perfect for 'Studio 2' - but it was the presentation that really was fab. The painted stripes simple and the colour perfectly picked to go with the blue gum leaves in the wee poesy of flowers she included.
Little Things
Oh and I couldn't resist a little bit of creativity myself in the top photo. I added some of everyone's fave Japanese Masking tape to a humble jam jar. Hey presto cute flowers on display in my room! And so, you see its those little things.......

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