Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Side by Side catch up - No. 2

Yet again I seem to have neglected my little blog but never fear (I am sure your weren't) that is about to change in the next week or so. I have a few wee exciting odds and ends coming your way real soon.

For now here is a catch up of my half of side by side for the last few weeks. Full pairs of my photos along side Ross's are posted up on the Side by Side blog

Week 69 - Waterpark Fun
Side By Side Week 69 - Waterpark fun
We headed off for a family picnic in the sun to an 'adventure park' outside of Melbourne. I use the term adventure loosely, as it was more like 2 water slides, some other random water activities and mini golf type of establishment. Anyway it was a sunny day and it was more a catch up with Shane's family. This is just a shot of some kids playing in the water jets in the kids area...i like the shadow and reflections here.

Week 70 - A wee Burns Night dram
Side By Side Week 70 - A wee Burns Night dram
On Australia Day I made sure I didn't overlook Scottish celebrations and had a wee dram for the Baird himself....Robert Burns.

Week 71 - Will the rain stop
Side By Side 71 - Will the rain stop.
Australia, mostly in Queensland, was battered with flooding and Cyclone Yasi a couple of weeks ago. Melbourne luckily missed all that but the Yasi fall out meant it rained so hard from 5 - 11pm on Friday that the drains and gutters couldn't cope. Kids were playing out in the street in the stormwater floods....and our back garden was full of water. Up to the top of my wellies...!The following day everything was still sprinkled with what looked like little diamonds...sadly only rain droplets. ;-)

Week 72
Side By Side Week 72 - Who needs Roses!
I got some early Valentines Day flowers the Saturday before...perhaps my all time fave type - Sunflowers! Shane ordered them specially for me (via his Dad at the flower market) they came with the full stalk on so they were nearly as high as me! They are just so bright and happy looking flowers - I bet you have a smile on your face just looking at them. Haha

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