Thursday, June 25, 2009

Neverending story print

I joined up for another swap a month or so ago....see my post below. I finally got going with my prints and got them sent off last week. I was too indecisive (as usual) and I could not decide if it was better as a print or cards so I did both. So those who are in my swap group got both.

Finished Cards

I decided on a repeating theme of the 'one' shape - my take on the theme. I used one screen but I cheated and used two colours. I am kinda happy with how it turned out. I had some issues with ink distribution. I guess that is part of the gocco are never quite sure how it will turn out and what you do produce has some character. Thats what I say anyway ;-)

Some pics showing my printing/packing process. Oh and I also made some little cards to include in the package stamped with one of my wooden letterpress blocks, like you can see in my blog header. (See the number one peeking through the packages in the pic at the top of the post.

Choosing the all important print colours

All inked up and ready to go

Prints ready to be sent in their little packages.