Thursday, October 9, 2008

Did I hear...another swap!

This time run buy Lisa from the Bunny Log. The task this time was to make 50+ postcards with no particular theme.
After a few weeks of being sick and not really feeling like printing.I was sitting on the phone at work and doodling on my notepad...and my scribbles turned into an idea and a few days later was being cranked out on the Gocco! Its a really simple clean design and I am quite happy with it.

Scribbles from my notepad!

Oh and I wanted to print the typical postcard printing on the back so a came up with a quick template for the back too.
Check out the pics below of my scribbles and what it all ended up looking like in the end. I do hope me fellow swappers will be happy with my offering. Can't wait to see what rest of the peeps have come up with.

Sketching some ideas...

Work in progress

Drying printed reverse side of postcard

Close up of reverse

The final product...


Natalie said...

Sooo nice. I love the postcard look on the back. Now why didn't I think of that? Can't wait to see it in person.

fellow swapper.

Tina said...

They look great. Makes me wish I joined the swap.

Anonymous said...

These look great, I've never tried printing on paper only fabric but the gocco seems to be a great tool, it's sad that they have stopped making them.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I live in melbourne too and was just wondering, where you do buy your gocco accessories?


Leslie said...

Hi Melissa
You didn't leave an email so I couldn't reply direct but I buy my supplies from NEHOC a NSW based company. I also get inks from alittlegoodness on Etsy (Japan)

Its a little stressful really as I all i hear is bad news regarding supplies. However it seems Simon at NEHOC is well stocked which is good.

Leslie x

Anonymous said...

oh, sorry about that! How much is the postage from Nehoc? Have you tried to visit any of their suppliers? I've recently been down to Zart Art and they have bulbs for $18!
At nehoc, do you pay the price plus or without GST?

Melissa ( :D